The mission and dedication of MOLLOY LAW for each client is straight-forward: to protect your rights, and to get the best resolution of any criminal charges you may be facing, or the charges that have led to your or your family member’s arrest.

Time is critical in criminal investigations and criminal cases, and our office knows that immediate attention to your case is of the utmost importance.

That is we start work the day you retain our services: that day. And why we keep you posted on all developments in your case, and answer all questions and concerns about your case immediately. Douglas Molloy handles each case personally. When you are a client of Molloy Law, the criminal defense attorney you hired is working for you.

The Law Office of Molloy Law LLC is located at 1411 Bayview Court, in downtown Fort Myers, Florida. The Molloy Law office are across the street from the Federal Courthouse, and two blocks from the Lee County Courthouse.




True Professional

I retained Mr. Molloy who was referred to me through a business contact. Mr. Molloy has been nothing but a true professional. His communication about the federal process is spot on as he has been on the "other side" for years. He is exactly what you want from an attorney, someone who will listen, communicate, and work diligently for the best case scenario on your behalf. The federal process can be long and tedious and Mr. Molloy continued with the same determination and dedication from start to finish in my case. I could not have asked for a better attorney in every step of the way.

Posted by W.

Excellent Attorney

It was by divine providence that I retained Douglas Molloy. Knowing he had been chief prosecutor for more than 20 years in the Middle District of Florida, the choice was natural. Who better defend me than a counsel who knows how the opposition thinks? He was succinct and explicit, and his prediction of the outcome was exact. Post-trial he guided you to let you know what was expected of you. Not only were his fiscal methods fair, but also his understanding of your position was most appreciative. Most important are his human traits regarding you, his client, were thoughtful, prudent, intuitive, logical and respectful.

Dr. Henry

Above and Beyond

Doug and I have been friends for close to thirty years. We met when he was with the DOJ as a Federal Prosecutor through a mutual circle of friends. It wasn't until my eldest son needed his expertise and that thirty years of experience on the other side led us to a fair and favorable outcome. Be careful of all the TV lawyers who have never seen the inside of the courtroom. They would be my last choice when someone you love matters more than anything. Experience Matters!!!


Very Concerned

Very much concerned very nice people.

Simone C.

Extremely Qualified

Extremely qualified and competent help from a state and federal criminal defense attorney in Lee County, Fort Myers, Florida.


Excellent Attorney

If it wasn't for Doug I have no idea what would've happened in this horrible situation I out myself in. He was an amazing person during one of my most embarrassing and stressful moments in life. He took the time to talk to me like a man, have me Great advice and really made the difference when we needed it the most. I would recommend this man over any one else out there. T ha la Doug!!

Mike M.

The Best

Mr. Molloy is still the best attorney in Southwest Florida. One year later,,and a lot of positive experience with Mr. Molloy. What an excellent Lawyer/Attorney. When you need a lawyer, go to Mr. Molloy. He is the best. Mr. Molloy is accurate, precise, fair, caring and really takes care of you.and is always available for with the accurate answers on time.. Again, Mr. Douglas Molloy is the best. God bless You, Mr. Douglas Molloy.

Rainer B.

Great Attorney

Great Attorney.. He really wanted to go to trial on my case but I was scared of not knowing one hundred percent what a jury would ultimately decide so Mr.Molloy negotiated a plea that I was satisfied with.. Without a doubt I would have trusted Molloy's ability in trial .. With that being said I am now eligible for early termination of probation and Mr. Molloy has agreed to take care of that as well for me.. Couldn't ask for a better attorney..

Ronnie D.

Mr. Molloy whole heartily fought for my lively hood during my trial! He understood the impact it would have on my family and didn’t let us down! During my case leading up to trial he always answered any calls and was honest giving me all of my options. During my trial he was thoroughly prepared, kept me involved and asked for my input during every second! With great pleasure I would recommend him to fight for anyone’s freedom! Thank you Mr. Molloy our family will forever be grateful for everything you did!

Rick J.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Absolutely the best in Lee County!!! I would highly recommend Douglas!

Fulgencio L.

Highly Recommend

Great experience! Doug Molloy was highly recommenced to me by a close friend who had hired him in the past, and had results they were extremely pleased with. He met with me and my wife the same day I called to set up a consultation, and David in his office was polite and helpful. Mr. Molloy was very understanding of the situation I was in, and the impact, as well as long term effects it could have on my family. He was upfront, down to earth, and explained all the possible outcomes in my particular case, in addition to what he believed, was the appropriate course of action, all before I actually hired him. He assured me he would do everything in his power to get the best possible result in my case. From that day forth, much of the stress and worry my family and I were experiencing was alleviated, just knowing an experienced attorney, that knows Florida law, has been around for years, and tried many types of cases from "both sides" was working for me. Him being familiar with the prosecution side of the law added an additional level of comfort for us. Doug exceeded our expectations, and represented me in a professional and courteous fashion, with excellent results in a timely manner. I would recommend Douglas Molloy to anyone in a situation that requires representation from an attorney.

Johnny D.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had a very complex case and had never been involved with the law before. Douglas made the process very clear and did great work. Although I had many concerns along the way he made sure I was in the loop at all times and assured me he had my back. He did all of the work and simply kept me updated with everything and answered my questions as needed. He did an amazing job with my case and I couldn’t have asked for anyone else. Great results in the end and I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for him.

Marli S.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Douglas Molloy is a phenomenal attorney. He came highly recommended (by another attorney actually) when my father needed legal counsel. I cannot say enough good things. He is professional, timely, responsive, caring, and knowledgeable. He sent updates, and kept us informed of the entire legal process - our texts, calls and emails were always answered and he always made himself available. Not only was he exceptional in getting things accomplished and done for the case, but I truly believe he really cared to get it done - and do it right. Douglas Molloy got my father through a difficult time and we cannot thank him enough for the favorable outcome my father hoped for. This attorney will not disappoint, he didn't let us down!

Torrie R.